Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm on Summer Time -

During the summer my family and I take a deep breath and escape our schedule driven life for a more nomadic existence. The summer is a time for the three mini-me's  and I, to return to the small town I grew up in and have them run free in the same streets I did. 

Classic humour, about small town life and yes it's true. 

We also partake in the best family travel destinations from across Ontario and New York State. This is where our friends at Kinder help keep the peace during our long drives. The kids love the chocolaty treats, constructing the toys and collecting entire sets of the Kinder toys. As well, whenever we stop to fuel up or for a break the kids love to search for the familiar orange and white boxes. 

Our summer has started off with wild adventures:

Two days of thrills and laughs at Canada's Wonderland with my niece and daughters KT & Andie.

The launch of Entrepreneur Barbie, her 150th career. Along with Alicia Moffet, winner of Season 6 of The Next Star

Shopping the iconic Eaton Centre in beautiful downtown Toronto. 

Finally, relaxing at our little cottage on the Big Rideau is a summer time rite of passage. 

But wait we have so many more adventures to be had! In the upcoming months we will be: 

Attending the Blogger Bash at Calypso Water Park, 

heading across the border to experience everything Destiny USA has to offer, 

and learning  about iMovie, cool apps on the iPad and digital story telling at Apple Camp in Ottawa. 

Summer is a busy time, but where ever we go we take a little bit of Kinder along with us whether it be as a chocolaty treat of a comfort from home.

Do you have any ideas for a summer time adventure the Guthrie's should attend? Let me know in the comments below and we will see you there!


“Disclosure: I’m part of theKinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”

Monday, July 7, 2014

Back Fat

Back fat. 

Recently, I was reminded of the extent of the squishy bits that have takes up residence just above my gluteus maximus.

Standing in a Ricki's change room trying on dresses for the upcoming school year, I realized that I needed someone to zip my zipper. ( I know there are many strange things in that last sentence including me trying on dresses, but hold on it gets worse.) 

I asked KT to come and help me, but the other two of course had to come in. As soon as I took my shirt off the giggles began. It started very innocently:
  • Oh Mommy, the skin on your back is so soft and squishy 
  • Look Andie, if you push the skin together it looks like a backside
  • OMG, Mommy when you push your skin over ripples over there
At this point, I could have turned to them and told them how inappropriate they were being but     instead I started to laugh.  I tried to tell them to stop pushing my back fat around and making musical instruments out of my extra jiggly bits on my back but I couldn't. 

We laughed, until the tears rolled down our faces. It has been a very long time since that has happened and it needed to happen. A tension breaker that bridged the end of our crazy, schedule driven school year and the beginning our nomadic summer. Laughing at my self is hard, but as mortifying as it sounds, laughing at my back fat with my children laughing along with me made the experience much more enjoyable. 

My back fat and I are in the process of going our separate ways. The more I train for my 15k race and eliminate (most of) the gluten from my meal planning adventures the less evident my musical body parts will be.  I wonder if back fat and chicken fat are synonymous? 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Youth Mental Health - Support My Journey with RBC Run for Kids!

We have started training! 

Dear Active for Life fans, friends, community members and contributors! Would you like to join me this fall and raise funds for Youth Mental Health? This fall I will be running in the RBC Run for the Kids 15k and you can join me! 
Did I mention you can win a round-trip flight ANYWHERE? 

There are three different distances to choose from 5k, 15k and 25k. Which do you think you can tackle? If you cannot join us consider donating to our fundraising goal of $500.

Thank you in advance,

I trust you.....

Each day I drive 110 km, round trip, into Ottawa for work. Three days a week I drive 220 km in order  to cart my three active kids to their events after work. 

At 16, I lost my boyfriend in a car accident. We were dating, at 16 dating means different things to different people. He told me he loved me, we held hands. That was 26 years ago and each May, I still cry on the date of his death. I am not telling you this for your sympathy. It is more of a PSA for the sadness I continue to feel almost 30 years later losing someone that was in my life for a very short time. 

As a commuter, I see may things on my adventurous drive into the city each day. Drivers carelessly  drifting into my lane, hitting the shoulder and over adjusting swerving close to my car or talking & texting while they drive. 

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is for me. I can read the obituary now: 

"Sherrie-Mae Guthrie died needlessly, in a head on collision, due to an urgent text that needed to be sent by her fellow commuter. She will be sadly missed by her family, pets, friends, teammates, co-workers and students. " 

Each day when I drive into Ottawa, I am trusting you, the driver of the other car to ensure I get home to my family or arrive safely at my school for my students. How dare you take my  life in your hands? 

Please stop texting, youtubing, tweeting or posting to Facebook as you drive. I am not quite ready to leave this world. I don't want my children, 26 years from now, mourning my death as they tell their own kids about the Grandmother they never met. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Laughing at Myself

Being a parent has it's perks, besides the constant fodder for laughter, there is opportunity to laugh at the mother I have become. 

This song has been circulating around the inter-webs for quite a while but it still makes me laugh: 

This comedian must be looking into my windows each morning...wait for it my is all about finding the shoes....

I hope you had a good Monday! 

Sherrie-Mae :) 

Monday, May 5, 2014

An Afternoon with Leonie

AndiePandie and I had a play date today.  It was a long overdue afternoon of play, that gave us both the opportunity to de-stress and reconnect. 
My girl AndiePandie & I (2010)

Grade 3 is a tricky year as you are at the end of your primary career but have not yet become a junior student. The social rules are influx as the kindness and all inclusive nature of the primary students suddenly changes and gives way to cliques, self selected cohorts and exclusive groups. It was for this reason that AndiePandie cried on the weekend,  "There is this girl Mum, she is saying mean things and that I cannot play with her and my friends cannot play with me or she will not be their friend either". That statement alone brought out anger, resentment and overall fear for my child's well being as I still remember the sting of being excluded in primary school. For Andie, this has not been a one time occurrence, this has been going on since December. Of course, being the kid of an educator, she was told about Queen Bee's & Wanna Bees and The Bully, The Bullied and The Bystanders but none of that good advice helped Andie's situation. 

I did what I needed to do. I called her very caring teachers, the understanding vice-principal and then I took a personal leave for afternoon and spent some time playing with dolls. I know, just like Andie being in the primary division, these days of playing with dolls are close to and end. I wanted to reconnect with my precious girl and ensure that everything that needed to help her in this situation, was completed. 
Andie & her Leonie 

I didn't buy this Maplelea girl because Andie was having issues at school. We had planned on purchasing a special addition to her doll family and we came across the Maplelea collection. Andie fell in love with Leonie because Leonie looks just like Andie.  Andie also loved the fact that Leonie can speak French & English, she loves art, drawing and being creative just like her. Andie connected with this Maplelea doll on so many levels, we had to bring Leonie home. 

I benefited from today as much as Andie. My school, like her school, is a busy place. Taking a break to be with my daughter and play, just the two of us, made me feel like we did something worthwhile and needed today for both Andie and I. She will only be 8 for such a short time and today, I can truly say, we stopped and enjoyed our afternoon together reconnecting. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Blogger, A Doctor, A Travel Writer and a Community Manager Walk into a Conference....

I was not planning on attending another blogger conference. It was not in the plan, more so it was not in the social media budget. An opportunity arose with my friends at  Active for Life and I decided to attend the Bconnected Conference in Ottawa. 

Leaping without thinking is my forte. I then realized, I had RSVP's my son for 2 birthday parties, my oldest daughter had three days of swim meets & my middle daughter had a 3 hour training session at her gymnastics club. It would have been easy for me to say no thank you or thanks but no thanks. But something was edging me to go besides wanting to let my community know about celebrating everyday physical accomplishments. 

Walking in late (as usual) on the first day,  I picked the table closest to the door and promptly introduced my self to my table mates. It turns out I was sitting with some of the most amazing people that I have never met IRL. I actually felt sorry for the speaker at that point because I could not sit still nor stop chatting. To make things worse the wifi was not being cooperative so I had to converse the old fashion way, a face to face conversation in a hushed whisper like a kid in math class (go figure).  They all laughed as I handed out  Active for Life stickers, postcards and talked about physical literacy. 

My then table mates, now friends are: 

Alexis , the Naturopathic doctor, was here to  expand her social media presence with Eco Chic Movement , introduce people to her exclusive line of products and generally meet new people in Ottawa. 

Lisa, the fabulous blogger at  Fab Frugal Mama and social media maven, was here to step outside her comfort zone and present to the entire conference all the while holding a barf bag. For the record, she knocked it out of the park. 

Ashely, the funny Tales of Mommyhood having he first night away from her  "littles" in years (literally years) and expanding her social media presence and generally being hilarious. 

Vanessa , of TurnipSeed Travel fame , the adventurous travel blogger, who told us amazing stories of never ending train rides and is obviously an expert conference speaker. 

This was exactly what I needed. To be inspired by the people around me and to conceptually understand that we are all on our own path, at different stages,  but still belong to the same community. 

Letting my hair down for two days, talk passionately about physical literacy, being a general smart aleck and making our table feel like home for my table mates and I ....just perfection. So, the purpose of this post. The purpose is to say thank you to my table mates, really that's it. 

What can I say? Even though there was no sleep to be had on that weekend and I missed a couple of KT's races along with not eating the obligatory pieces of birthday cake, that weekend made an impact on my social media path and began my collaboration on a public level, with the not for profit social enterprise Active for Life. 

Did I mention there is only 6 months Blissdom Canada (yeah, I went there...) and I will once again be celebrating physical literacy as a Parent Contributor for Active for Life (and yes, I am a little excited).